Bomb Squad Mod Apk

If you love to watch explosions, then there is a game for you which is named Bomb Squad Mod Apk. Bomb Squad is an action game with extremely features and funny details from Eric Froemling. Use the main weapon is Bomb to destroy the enemy, fascinating gameplay is waiting for you here. With youthful gameplay combined with cute images, Bomb Squad is a great entertainment game for all ages. 

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Additional Information
Package idnet.froemling.bombsquad
DeveloperEric Froemling
Size60.93 MB
Got It OnGoogle Play

Bomb Squad Mod Apk

This is a modded application where you can get some interesting features unavailable in the basic app. All the premium items are fully unlocked, and you do not have to buy them. In this mode, you will get unlimited money, and you can customize your character with premium items such as bombs or many more.

All type of characters in this game is unlocked, and you can use them without paying anything. You can play mini games for free. You can play in multiplayer mode with your friends and family. There are some cool features of this game.


Modify the unlocking all characters, some maps, characters, and some mobile phones, and some mobile phones will flash back. 1. Due to the signature part of the mobile phone (OPPO, vivo, etc.) used before, installation Times poison cannot be installed. 2.

We have replaced the signature in the new version of the game. 3. Please contact the administrator for the old signature version of this game. After adding the group, please contact the administrator (the name of the game in the station and the question you want to feedback)!

Soothing and intense mini-games to explore

Bomb Squad MOD APK comes with the coverage of many exciting, soothing games under its umbrellas, embarking you on an unmistakable journey. You can find the joy of expressing yourself in multiple gameplay concepts available in the Bomb squad.

Apart from the main gaming, users have the feasibility to explore some creative, intense games in the zone. King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Epic Slow-motion elimination, Bomber Hockey, etc., makes the gaming joy enhanced to the next level.

There is a huge differentiation in every concept, making gaming more exciting and easy. Sometimes slowly eliminating the opponents while capturing the flag and battling for the goal, etc., there are many concepts involved in every different mini-game where you can earn rewards to unlock items.

Online and offline mode with squad formation

Bomb Squad MOD APK makes a vivid offering to the users apart from the simplistic gaming of bombing opponents to eliminate and score points to win. The gameplay is also available in online and offline approaches.

Where offline is simplistic, online offers much more fun and excitement. In online gameplay, you can bring your friends and people to play in team battles, squads, single-players, co-op, etc., and also in offline mode.

Playing with random strangers from any part of the world in different concepts and mini-games is next-level fun. The multiplayer online system is the most interesting one and offers unmatchable joy in the way of getting things done.

Bomb Squad Mod Apk

There are many items you cannot use free of cost in the basic game. In this Mod Apk, all these premium items are free, such as bombs, weapons, and many others, and you can use them and enjoy playing games with them.

No Ads

Ads can disturb you while playing the games, and you have to pay to remove the ads from the games. This moded Apk did not have any ads. You can play the game without removing or watching any ads.

Unlimited Money

You have to earn money in the standard game by completing levels. This mod Apk gives you free unlimited money, which you can use to buy anything in the game. You can customize the character or can buy the characters from a game store using this money.


You can improve anything in the game according to your desire as this awesome feature gives you full access to change everything in the game. You can purchase characters and make changes to them to look different from others.

How To Download or Install Bomb Squad MOD APK?

 1-Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Bomb Squad MOD APK.

2. Save the file in your device’s download folder.

3. Now click on the downloaded BombSquad file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.

4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing immediately.


Download Bomb Squad MOD APK to explore battle gaming with experimented bomb attacks; here, you will get to explore attacking opponents with a variety of bombs and eliminating opponents.

Scoring points to win and bomb others in co-op, team mode, squad, single, etc., online gameplay brings your friends more fun and experiences great elimination games. In this mod version, enjoy the hacked features and unlocked styles as well as tools, free shopping, and a variety of elements.

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