Cover Fire Mod Apk

A Cover Fire Mod Apk small squad will be under your command in this game, and it will be up to you to guide that squad over a variety of hurdles as it battles the sizable company Tetracorp.

In the video game Cover Fire Mod Apk, players engage in intensely quick fights to eliminate foes. With the appropriate Cover Fire Mod Apk weapons for each level, it focuses on assisting players in showcasing their abilities. Players will simultaneously encounter a variety of modes and events that offer thrilling gameplay and pleasant surprises. These benefits will help you win wars.

App NameCover Fire
 PublisherViva Games Studios
 Latest Version1.24.01
 MOD InfoMenu/Dame, God Mode, Money, Vip
 Get it OnPlayStore


  • A Story Mode Shooting Game. Make this conflict your own. Attack the enemy army with powerful weapons and grenades. Rage the War!
  • Modern combat controls. Kill and save!
  • Destruction-prone environments This includes your troops.
  • In the online tournament mode, you may battle other assassins gamers. Offline shooting using a cellphone
  • Amass a huge real arsenal. Gun games like a commando: pistols, shotguns, snipers!
  • Oppose the battle from a variety of Alternate between your mercenaries in real-time to win.
  • Your assassin squad’s skills: hacker, sniper, attack man Unlock amazing snipers and gunslingers! Have you seen a bouncy dinosaur?
  • You may control the fight in this addictive 3D shooting game.
  • Damage multiplier
  • God mode
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited cash
  • Unlimited energy
  • Unlimited ticket
  • Max vip

Low-Sized Highly-featured shooting game

Cover Fire is the perfect game for you if you love shooting games but have a phone with poor RAM and processing power. It’s an Android and iOS game with some of the best maps ever and a wide selection of armouries. If you haven’t played it yet, you must do so in order to be amazed by all of its most recent resources and developing city layouts.

The game’s modest size, which uses only 200–300 Megabytes of storage while providing all these features, is its strongest attribute. Let’s move on to the Game’s narrative. Therefore, Cover Fire is a sophisticated shooting game with a rare game plot. Well, just by looking at the game’s name, Cover Fire, you can quickly grasp the entire thing

Cover Fire Mod Apk

Experience unlocked VIP mode

If you’ve played Cover Fire previously, you’re probably aware of the VIP Mode that is offered. Let me describe it if you haven’t already been introduced to it. In essence, VIP Mode is a paid Cover Fire subscription that works similarly to battle passes. You may only use the VIP Mode for free after downloading the Cover Fire Mod Apk.


The HD graphics in Cover Fire are praised for being extremely detailed and accurately capturing combat scenarios. A dismal scene is created by the game’s blend of dark colours. The sound is dynamic and includes grenade explosions and the sound of firearms shooting. Players will feel completely engaged in the narrative thanks to the interaction of all those factors. Encourage players to take action and win for global protection.

Use the Cover Fire MOD APK version we offer to unleash infinite combat and multiply your payout after each victory. You won’t be let down by those incredible features, I promise. Enjoy the most profound entertainment experience!


There will be several distinct game modes in Cover Fire. the Sniper FPS Ops mode, for instance. Players are limited to using sniper rifles in this mode. The aim is to eliminate as many adversaries as you can while racing against time. How many foes will you vanquish? In addition, Cover Fire hosts activities like zombie shootings. Despite moving slowly, there are a lot of zombies. You must determine the best way to eliminate as many as you can. Try to make it through to daybreak.

PUBG Mobile vs. Cover Fire: Which is the best shooting game?

Due to the fact that each of these games has its own advantages and disadvantages, many people struggle to decide which they prefer. One thing is certain, though: Cover Fire would be ideal if you’re searching for a single-player offline shooter because that’s what it focuses on. Although some people may prefer one over the other owing to how each delivers unique experiences based on your degree of play style, the gameplay also feels smoother than PUBG.

Gameplay Quality

Playing the game Cover Fire will put you on the front lines. The challenging missions in this realistic war simulator take all of your talents, but because to the gorgeous HD graphics, it feels like they’re taking place right in front of you! We can’t see our opponents approaching because of the explosion smoke; the only thing that can tell us where the rounds are coming from while we hide behind rocks or trees is their shooting. Before using a certain gun in battle, carefully examine it to see what features it has that make it best suited for the objective at hand.

Shooting games have already become much more engaging and enjoyable thanks to the new 3D Touch technology in the most recent version of Cover Fire.

How to Install?

  • If you already have a prior version of the game, remove it first.
  • The most recent version of the game can then be downloaded by going above and clicking on the download link.
  • Make sure the “Unkown Sources” option is activated under Settings>Security.
  • You can then install Cover Fire MOD APK on your mobile device, but if it asks for any more permissions, grant them.
  • Launch the game and have fun


How to get the modified version of the Cover Fire Mod Apk for free?

Click the provided link on our website to get the modified version of the Cover Fire Mod Apk and receive free access to a vastly improved shooting simulation.

In Cover Fire Mod Apk, is it possible to choose our own characters and weapons?
Yes, you must get the modded version of the app from a reliable source, like our website, if you want to choose your own characters and weapons in Cover Fire Mod Apk.

Is Cover Fire Mod Apk a game that you play offline?
Yes, the Cover Fire Mod Apk simulates both offline and online play and offers players a fully functional offline hub even without an internet connection.

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