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Announcement of ECP Jobs 202, Political decision Commission of Pakistan Political decision Commission of Pakistan is an autonomous body that is to put together, administers, and leads a free, fair, and straightforward political decision. It was laid out as per the Constitution of Pakistan, 197 The Commission has the abilities to delimit electorates, partition them into zones, and consolidation or separation them into wards.

The commission, as well as the ECP Jobs, is made out of a Director or a Central Political decision Chief thus numerous different individuals, as the President might decide (segment 173) In October 2017, the High Court of Pakistan put another endorsement on the 2018 races. After a consultation with more than twenty closely involved individuals including legal counselors, legislators, and common society activists, the court consented to defer.

The Political decision Commission of Pakistan is a free state body laid out by the Constitution of Pakistan and works as an independent foundation. The mission of the Political decision Commission of Pakistan is to guarantee, in a straightforward, unprejudiced, and neutral way, that majority rules system is acknowledged through fair and free races.

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The Political decision Commission of Pakistan Occupations (ECP Jobs) is a long-lasting and public commission liable for directing races in Pakistan and for settling on the legitimacy of every citizen’s voting form. The ECP is going by Broad Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, a resigned Pakistani Armed force general, who is the primary non-Muslim to at any point stand firm on this situation. General Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, a resigned Pakistani Armed force general.

Details Of ECP Jobs:

The Political race Commission of Pakistan is a free and independent body that administers the country’s political race process. It is made out of a Main Political decision Official, who is designated by the Leader of Pakistan, and two Political race Chiefs who are selected by the Government Parliamentary Advisory group of the Parliament. The Political race Commission of Pakistan is a free, independent, and naturally made body. Initially the body was the obligation of the CEO of Pakistan.

Today the Commission is a three-part body, with its individuals named by the leader of Pakistan. The ECP Jobs is answerable for directing, administering, and observing all races for the public and commonplace councils as well as mandates. The Commission sets principles and rules, which incorporate arrangements for qualification to cast a ballot, applicant necessities, crusade guidelines, and the democratic framework.

The Constitution of Pakistan likewise vests the Commission with powers to guarantee that fair races are held. The Commission’s command incorporates the distribution of electing rolls, characterizing electorates and delimiting their limits, setting up a thorough citizen.

Political race Commission of Pakistan The ECP (Political race Commission of Pakistan) is an established body and is answerable for protecting the standards of a majority rule government, straightforwardness, and equity. In Pakistan (a country with a parliamentary framework) the ECP Jobs is made out of the Central Political decision Official (ECP Jobs) and four commonplace political decision chiefs. The ECP Jobs capacities are: Forming strategies and rules for leading races Overseeing the constituent interaction and settling debates Guaranteeing that the democratic cycle is directed as per the recommended regulations Managing the Returning Official, Managing Official, other surveying staff, and surveying specialists.

The Political race Commission of Pakistan (ECP Jobs), in no way related to Pakistan’s Public Get together or Senate, is a common body entrusted with directing, administering, and overseeing the constituent cycle in Pakistan. Framed in 1956 by a demonstration of Parliament, ECP was under the locale of the Service of Regulation and Equity however presently works as a free regulatory unit answering to the Parliament, with a nine-part commission. The commission is named for terms of five years. The Central Political race Magistrate is designated by the Leader of Pakistan, and the individuals are named following conferences with the Main Equity of Pakistan.

Political race Commission of Pakistan Occupations The Political race Commission of Pakistan is looking to fill different situations for the forthcoming political decision. Political decision Commission of Pakistan Occupations The Political decision Commission of Pakistan is recruiting and as the nation is encountering its biggest races ever, open positions are accessible for the individuals who are knowledgeable in the discretionary interaction and need to assist with guaranteeing a fair and vote based political decision for all residents.

The EC has been laid out as a free and non-sectarian body and is liable for executing the overall decisions, directing the overall races and mandates in a way that guarantees the matchless quality of the desire of individuals and the recognition of fundamental vote based standards.


  • Assistant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Junior Assistant
  • Supervisor

How To Apply For ECP Jobs 2022?

  • Intrigued up-and-comers ought to submit application structure alongside required archives at the given location before the end date
  • Is TA/DA allowable on these Positions.
  • No TA/DA will be permissible for test and interview.
  • Who will be called for Test/Interview?
  • Just short recorded up-and-comers will be called for interview.
  • Late accommodation of structure/application
  • Applications got after the end date will not be engaged.
  • What is the standards for government workers?
  • Government representatives ought to apply through the appropriate channel
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