Imposter Solo Kill Mod Apk

Imposter Solo Kill Mod Apk is a recently released game inspired by the success of the worldwide popular game Among Us. The same scene occurs in the original 2D game. Impostor Solo Kill will help you feel extremely familiar, combined with completely new gameplay. If you just want to be an imposter and kill the crew as many times as you want, This 3D game will definitely be for you.

One thing about puzzle games is that they are usually hard to play. However, Imposter Solo Kill is different, and it is easy to play. Its controls are intuitive, and you’d easily understand everything. This will be sooner than you expected, and you can be sure of having fun.

NameImposter Solo Kill Mod Apk
 Updated1 day ago
 Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
 Last version1.22
 Size108.88 Mb
 DeveloperIEC Games Australia
 Google Play Linkcom.iec.imposter.solo.kill

the main Fatures of Imposter Solo Kill Mod Apk.

  • Simple controls make it easy to understand
  • Enjoy playing with one hand while you get engaged with other things
  • It’s free to download and also free to play
  • Different challenges to keep you engaged as you try to complete them.


Starting the game, gamers could see the words “You’re the devil” appearing on the screen interface. That is your role in the game Imposter Solo Kill. Unlike in the game Among Us, this game does not require players to participate in many different roles at random. Instead, gamers will only play the role of Imposter with only one task, which is to kill. It is not until the player destroys all the others on the ship that they win.

The game has many different levels, arranged in order of difficulty. Therefore, it helps players to gradually get used to the gameplay as well as the necessary controls. Each level specifies a certain amount of time for players to do their job. If the time runs out but Imposter still hasn’t destroyed everyone, the people on board will hold a small meeting. During this meeting, each person chooses a name they consider Imposter, and the person who is most picked will be kicked out of the ship. If the person being kicked out is you, of course, you will lose. That’s what you should know about the gameplay of Imposter Solo Kill like Hunter Assassin

Act quickly and decisively

As a murderer, you shouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone. If not, you will be in trouble yourself. To do well in their role, players need to think carefully, make quick decisions, and act decisively. It’s not always possible to run and kill someone. Look around for someone nearby and choose the right moment to take action.

On the ship, there will be some great suggestions to assist players. For example, it is a door between rooms or secret bunkers. Besides, players can also think of other tricks to trick people. Tricks are the necessary intellectual prowess of Imposter.


Because it is a mobile game, Imposter Solo Kill Mod Apk possesses a fairly simple control mechanism. Specifically, players just need to touch the icons displayed on the screen to perform their tasks. Touch the knife icon on the head of other characters to kill them or touch the bunker icon to hide. Those are the main activities that every gamer should care about.

Imposter Solo Kill Mod Apk

Costume and icon collection

Each time you pass a level, the player will receive a number of stars and a unique outfit or accessory. They can be pants, shirts, hats, and more. This makes your collection more and more diverse and you can use them to create different character styles.

In each level, you can see other characters express their emotions through the icons displayed above the head. These can be angry, scared, cry, cool emotions. They look quite funny and this makes the player’s experience more fun. But I think they are probably too familiar to the gamers of the game Among Us, right?


Imposter Solo Kill is carefully invested in visuals and sound. Specifically, it possesses an extremely vivid 2D graphics platform with a unique graphic style. The characters in the game are similar to those in the original game, both in appearance and movement. In addition, the colors in the game are quite bright and the details are quite sharp. This contributes significantly to improving the quality of the player’s experience.

Besides, it is impossible not to mention the sound element. The musical melodies are flexibly converted according to the context of the game, at the same time, accompanied by them are the sounds of the character’s actions. Overall, it’s all pretty cool for a mobile puzzle game.

Download Imposter Solo Kill MOD APK for Android

Maybe the heat of Among Us has decreased in recent months, but its fans are still very numerous. That is why the game Imposter Solo Kill quickly achieved more than 5 million installs in a short time. Besides, many gamers have given praise to the game and devoted 5 stars to rate it. This is also evidence that shows the appeal of this game at present. Hence, I don’t think you should ignore it. Download the game via the link below this article to experience it now.

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