Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk

Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk is an amazing and exciting car parking challenging game with highly realistic graphics. You can play different game modes without getting bore. Learn to park cars using the real life car driving control mechanism in the game. It has amazing graphics and sound effects. Play with your friends and drive a realistically designed car.

Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk is another awesome parking game for Android. From developers KAYAC Inc., Park Master is designed to test your skills behind the wheel. Addictive gameplay and lots of challenging levels make this a great game for passing the time on the bus or before you drift off to sleep. Funky music, colorful level design, and loads of puzzles – this is a simple but compelling puzzle game designed to kill time.

App NameReal Car Parking Master Mod Apk
Size283 MB
Latest Versionv1.7.6
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

What is a Real Car Parking APK?

Real Car Parking is an outstanding car driving and parking simulation game where you can drive amazing vehicles and park them in required spots. It has highly realistic graphics and vehicles are designed so perfectly that all cars look so realistic and highly detailed. It has an open world where you can roam freely and drive cars with your friends. Complete various missions to get money in the game. Customise your cars and make them look awesome. This car parking game has simulation-like controls. Play different game modes to keep yourself indulge in the game.

What is Real Car Parking Master Mod APK?

Many people want unlocked content and unlimited money in game without spending anything, so this mod version of Real Car Parking will give you unlimited money and cash for free. All cars and items are fully unlocked which you can buy for free. You can freely customise and upgrade your car using the endless money you have in the game. All game modes are unlocked and all ads are removed. Race with your friends in real time multiplayer mode to earn different rewards. Get maxed out cars and drive in an open world to explore new lands.

How to Beat Park Master Levels

There is no easy how-to guide for Park Master. The levels get progressively more difficult as you spend more time in the game, though after a while the mechanics should feel like second nature. Remember, if you do want to boost your way through the levels you can always down the Park Master mod apk for full customization and level skipping.

Understanding the game’s mechanics

There are few rules in the world of Park Master. Other than the fact you need to take responsibility for these different vehicles (and make sure they’re parked in the right spot), you can go about solving the levels any way you find fit. This could be with speed, or with precision, and all you need to do is make sure none of the cars crash into each other!

Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk

All the cars move at the same time

This is by far the trickiest part of Park Master. Each car moves at the same time, you can’t wait around for each car to pass each other…they might just crash! Part of mastering Park Master is to understand the timings of each vehicle. You need to plan a route that allows for plenty of space between the cars. All you need to do is draw a line with your finger that leaves plenty of distance between the parking cars…otherwise you might end up with a nasty crash and an unhappy supervisor!

Exciting Game Modes (Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk)

When you will start to play this game, you will notice that there are some amazing game modes available which you cannot ignore. Each game mode has its own rules and fun. Freeride, parking, events, drift and multiplayer are the game modes of this game. You can freely roam in the huge world if you are playing freeride. You can explore various locations and lands while in parking mode, you have to complete missions and park your car on time. Play events and complete different missions to get limited rewards such as cars and other items.

Realistic Controls

Real Car Parking features realistic controls which make the game more interesting and fun. Get a highly detailed steering wheel on the screen which you can use to control your car. There are different pedals including acceleration and brake. Get a gear shifting box on the right side of your screen from where you can shift the gears such as parking, driving and neutral. Controls are fully optimised and you can also change the control layout from settings.

Dodging the Obstacles

There aren’t just a few cars to park, that would be too simple. Whoever designed this parking lot obviously wasn’t thinking in the long-term, there are all sorts of crazy obstacles you need to work around. Guiding the cars around the parking lot starts off easy (especially when it’s just the one car), but as more and more people arrive at the lot…the more complicated it gets! It’s a good idea to plan your route of attack before you begin, otherwise you might get confused.

Customise Your Car

It is one of the best features to give your car a shape you want and make it look more appealing and awesome. There are plenty of customization options available in the game which you can avail by visiting the garage. You can change the paint of your car, spoiler, body kits, rims, roof, tyres and even more. There are so many customising items available but you need money in order to customise your car completely. Upgrade your car and improve the performance it possesses. Highly profiled vehicles have high speed and acceleration.

60+ Vehicles

Since it is a parking and racing game so there must be plenty of vehicles which you can get to drive and race. Real Car Parking features 60+ realistic and highly detailed cars which you can get and drive on the road. Play single player mode to get money and then go to garage to buy the vehicle you want. You can get Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and even more licensed cars in game. Get 4×4 accelerated vehicles and drive offroad to get an amazing off-road experience in game.

How do I download Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk?

For Windows users, you can install an Android emulator like Gameloop to download Parking Master on PC.


Real Car Parking Master Mod Apk is one of the great car parking and driving games with many different game modes. You can play different game modes including drifting, parking, freeride and multiplayer. It has extreme 3D graphics with amazing visual effects and detailing. Explore amazing lands and drive off road. There are 60+ high profiled vehicles available which you can buy and drive. Get unlocked content and unlimited money in the master mod version of the game. You can share your reviews about this game using the comment section.

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