Stack Ball Mod

Stack Ball Mod Apk is a very simple game, all you need to do is tap the screen to play the game. It sounds easy, right? But you should expect that. The game will be easy because it won’t. This game is very special, it doesn’t have the epic stuff like fight scenes but promises to attract a lot of players to the game. One thing is that when you first come here, you get addicted to it, and you can’t stop playing the game.

 App NameStack Ball Mod Apk
 Latest Version1.1.48
 MOD InfoUnlocked All Skins


As mentioned before, the gameplay of the game is very easy, all that the player needs to do is chalk on the screen. When the player presses the screen the ball will go down waist a straight line and destroy all the obstacles. When the ball reaches the last thing, the player can win that stage to go to the next stage. There aren’t any challenges, right? If only that, the game did not attract millions of players like that, what makes this game difficult is the obstacles.

Stack Ball Mod Apk

There will be many layers that are stacked on top of each other and each layer will be divided into two areas, which are breakable and unbreakable. If the user presses the screen when the ball is in an area that can break, it will easily break that layer. But if the opposite is the player pressing the screen when the ball is in the unbreakable area, the ball will burst. Or if the ball accidentally touches it, the ball will still automatically shatter and the player will lose. The most important thing in this game is not to rush, players need to be very calm to complete this stage.

Once the player has reached high-level stages, the player will encounter more obstacles. The first stages only have obstacles that cannot be moved and the player can easily overcome them. But the more about it, the more obstacles will be moving so it will be difficult to be able to overcome more if the player is not careful. But players can also break obstacles if the player meets the conditions that the game offers. As long as the player destroys multiple layers in a row, it will create an indestructible state within seconds. During this time, you can destroy everything, including obstacles.

Features of Stack Ball Mod Apk

  • Enjoy the Crazy Fast Speed

You can enjoy the crazy fast speed in this application which means that you will be having a great interface where you will be fighting for the missions that are given to you. You will be having a ball which will be running at a very fast speed and you will be managing it because you do not have any other option.

  • Crash into Colorful Bricks while Avoiding Black

You have to crush into the colorful bricks while you have to avoid the black bricks that will be so deadly for you that if your ball is crushed into the black bricks then it will get spoiled in the same moment and your game will instantly get over. You have to play very carefully because the colourful bricks will be swirling around very fastly and you have to match that speed.

  • High Quality Graphics

You can enjoy the high quality graphics in this awesome game play because here you will get so many amazing features that you will be so satisfied. The graphics are made very elegantly and they are so colorful that they can make your whole game look brightly radiant and just so magnificent.

  • Play Offline Game

You can play this awesome game while you are offline because in this game play you will be able to enjoy the whole game while you are offline. There will be no difference between the online and offline version so it will be up to you in which version you want to play.

  • Best for Killing time Addictive Game

This application is considered the best game for killing time as the users feel very much addicted towards it. If you are getting bored then you should definitely start playing this game because it will provide you so much entertainment that you will forget about anything that was making you bored.

How To Download and Install Stack Ball Mod Apk

You will accompany the ball on the journey with exciting challenges. All will take you on the adventures you want to explore with them. And the challenge you face will be breaking the bricks of the tall towers. Brick levels surround them and are only destroyed by your ball. So you will start challenging your ball when bouncing down and smashing bricks. However, not every brick can be hit; you must pay attention to the color. Start the challenge of breaking the brick floors of the towers to reach the finish line safely.

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